Social Media can be Exhausting, However It Is Fun!

To many business people and consumers, social media is the new Google. social-media-bandwagonEach platform is improving and providing users with a growing range of useful networking and sales possibilities. Your business needs to do social media well.

5 years from now, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin will be dominant web portals. As they evolve their interfaces and services via smartphones, all of us will doing business and socializing with them along with marketing our marketing with them. It’s already a key marketing service for many companies, particularly tech companies.

5 Keys to Your Social Strategy

  1. know your customer’s interests, intent, and habits and which social sites they use
  2. encourage them to join/follow you on your social pages
  3. provide useful and engaging content to help them solve problems and feel wonderful
  4. develop a sound, overall strategy/plan for social media activity
  5. understand the social brand and customer experience your customers will have

Your social activity should be fun too. You’re getting the chance to connect with people and introduce them to topics, concepts, people, and events related to your business.  If you like your business, you’ll really like social media.

If you’d like some help with your social media plan, give me call.


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