Does Google Trust your Web site?


Graphic courtesy of the CTM Group.

There are few marketing activities more steeped in marketeer buzzwords than SEO. The reason for that is everyone is an SEO pro now and each wants to skew the vocabulary in hope of convincing their prospects.

SEO is fun because it’s competitive, prestigious, morale boosting, and if you rank well, very profitable. Although Google may measure up to 200 factors in its algorithm, the overall thrust of the quality they’re looking for is simple.

It’s all about trust on the Internet. Google’s indexing system has an ingenious method of determining sites that are trustworthy. Google did want to put out a patent on the word Trustrank, however what they did instead is to try to obscure and tone down its importance using their public relations team.

If Google trusts your site, you have a great chance of ranking well

Besides ranking well with content that other website owners like, your content has to catch visitor’s attention too. And your unique content and copywriting must be convincing, get your UVP and brand message across, and lead the visitor through your conversion funnel. A tall order indeed!

Here’s 10 things we need to do to create lots of high ranking pages:

  1. get trusted websites to link to your website or pages
  2. create lots of content pages with unique, high quality content
  3. create content that appeals to customers and website owners so they’ll mention it, share it and link to it
  4. create sharable content such as videos, infographics, pdfs, whitepapers, case studies, stories, news items
  5. use social media to distribute material to internet users
  6. use keywords, related words, synonyms and stemmed variations in your copywriting (semantic SEO)
  7. link your pages internally in an expert fashion (do not rely on navigation menu links)
  8. avoid links from spammy, poor quality, or criminal websites
  9. get popular sites related to your site’s topic/industry to link to yours
  10. use keywords and related words moderately in your url, titles, headings, and your copywriting

These 10 factors if you achieve them all will help you score high rankings. There are plenty of other small factors that will help however you shouldn’t do them all.  Google wants web sites that appear natural, so your rigid, corporate copy and navigation structure could ruin your rankings.

When you’ve been doing SEO for a long time, you learn the subtleties of what works and what doesn’t.  SEO isn’t actually free. Since it’s so competitive and yet valuable, I’d encourage to give it the respect and budget it deserves. If you do, it should pay off very well.

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