Million Dollar Homes – Luxury Houses and the Top 10 Features Dream Homebuyers Want

Million Dollar Homes – Why Do We Love Them So Much?

Why do we find million dollar homes so awesome? It might be that luxury homes have everything we secretly want in a home. And seeing how stressful modern life is, we can’t resist what luxurious homes offer. It’s where we’re all headed.

Statistics show most million dollar listings are in the sunny south (according to Realtor Magazine). My introduction to luxury homes came when I provided marketing services for Dream Homes Magazine. You can search for million dollar homes in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Miami and New York on their website.

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And Million dollar homes in San Diego to Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, to New York and Miami offer more than just luxury. Today’s young millionaires are looking for spacious, high tech luxury homes with offices, entertainment rooms, and party spaces that bring people together.

Increasingly in this golden era ahead, homes are about business and total freedom and it’s affecting real estate.

Yet, when when the parties end and deals are struck, today’s million dollar luxury homes offer exceptional amenities and layouts that generate healthy relaxation, recuperation, and support a good imagination. We might lack statistical data about whether million dollar homes deliver extra health benefits for homeowners, but it’s almost certain a million dollar home will keep you happier and healthier and provides benefits almost no one talks about.

According to Inman, and not so surprisingly, the top cities for million dollar homes are:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Orange County
  3. San Diego
  4. Miami
  5. Palm Beach
  6. Chicago
Los Angeles Luxury Home

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Luxury Home Features Most Sought

From home automation systems, to home spas, sports courts, magnificent landscaping to wine cellars, luxury home buyers have a large laundry list of desired amenities. Here’s the top 10 desired feature list from Sally Forster Jones (strangely missing: chef inspired kitchens).

  1. High Tech Home Automation
    Home Automation Systems Los Angeles

    Photo Courtesy of Next Box Solutions, Los Angeles CA

    For successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s alike, the smart automated home is a no-brainer. Business is part of their lifestyle and their business partners, suppliers, contractors, customers are part of their lives. Check out 8 incredible home automation systems on businessinsider.


  2. Wine Cellars
    Wine Cellars for Luxury Homes

    Wine Cellar Entrance Doorway courtesy of

    I don’t know what it is about wealthy people and their prized wine collections but the grand wine storage room is high on their agenda. Take a look at some spectacular wine cellars on Genuine Wine Cellars.

  3. Entertainment Rooms

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    This spectacular home media and entertainment room above was created by Paradise Theaters.

  4. Gyms and Spas
    Luxury Home Gyms

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    Getting fit anytime is a big benefit for on the go luxury home owners.

  5. Showroom Garages

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    Since wealthy homeowners often have a lot of Porches, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and BMWs, it makes sense to showcase the collection. Don’t forget to buy luxury car insurance!

  6. Indoor Outdoor Living

    Whether it’s in Los Angeles, San Diego or Miami, the indoor outdoor trend is going strong in the luxury home markets. This spectacular home in Bel Air in Los Angeles is for sale at $150 Million. It offers everything on your luxury home feature list including infinity pool and heliport!
  7. Million Dollar Views

    Screen Capture courtesy of DreamHomesMagazine San Diego

    Homes with a View San Diego

    Screen Capture courtesy of DreamHomesMagazine San Diego

    While not a feature of a luxury home, we all know luxury often is about location. How about the views above La Jolla in San Diego County California for a captivating view, day or night?

  8. Resort Style Swimming Pools
    We almost expect a spectacular water spa swimming pools with almost too many waterfalls to stand, and you won’t be disappointed with this incredible luxury home just north of San Diego in Del Mar.  It has my favorite view of the Pacific Ocean too!
  9. Big Land and Privacy

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    Luxury Real Estate in California

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    If privacy, space and perhaps a vineyard are on your wishlist, consider a luxury estate property, in let’s say Santa Barbara. This rare oceanfront estate wedged between the ocean and the Los Padres National Forest is this 1800 acre coastal gem of Santa Barbara, CA. It offers 2 miles of unspoiled oceanfront which might be feature number 11 that luxury home buyers are dreaming about. They’re not making land anymore either, so investing in real property near the seaside might have the best potential as the US economy returns.

  10. Sports Courts

    Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

    Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

    How many major pro sports stars have their own tennis courts, basketball courts, and hockey rinks? Plenty. And for good reason. They’re fun, convenient and healthy.

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