Hotel SEO – Los Angeles San Diego Orlando Miami New York Boston

Hotel SEO – Los Angeles San Diego Orlando Miami New York Boston

Hotel SEO Services

Whether it’s vacationers or business class bookings, you know how everyone is online. And while Expedia,, Trivago, and Airbnb have a big presence online, and are well aware of the power of Google exposure, there’s still plenty of opportunities to carve out traffic for your hotel or vacation resort.

How much traffic can Hotel SEO deliver? A lot. In fact, I’ve doubled a major hotel’s web traffic and made a major impact on their bottom line. This was traffic generated via Google, Yahoo, direct visits, and website referrals. Adding a million new visits per year with Hotel SEO strategy is significant.

The strategies for Hotel SEO are the same as are applied to Real Estate, Mortgage, eCommerce, lawyers, accountants and builders. It’s all about topics people are interested in, written in a way that makes the company’s products and services relevant, engaging and sharable online.

My client was Delta Hotels and was acquired by Marriott hotels. Bill Marriott was a big time blogger who knew the value of SEO – and reaching millions of people with engaging stories about his hotels.  I’ve had a number of clients get acquired by big much bigger companies. In fact, I often get called when a company needs to beef itself up for sale on the market. With success, companies evolve to a new level and become very attractive takeover targets.  The owner suddenly gets rich because people start finding the company via Google. The high rankings give them prestige as well.

Lots of Hotels and Resorts Out there, but No One Knows About Them

There’s hundreds of thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide. Travel is an international business and people do search on Google to find interesting destinations that suit them. They don’t book on or expedia if they’re unsure of the city, the hotel, or the attractions in that location. They drill down by searching. Being visible lets you get seen before they see your competitors and make your hotel compelling.

How to Build Hotel Search Rankings?

If you explore my content and buy my upcoming book on SEO and content strategy, you’ll see how achieving rankings actually requires a lot of creatively written content, ingenuity, and social connectedness.  Major Hotels tend to be brand conscious and unwilling to venture into the personal communications realm. And they resist creating innovative content that resonates with Google ranking algorithm or searchers desire to share.

Major brand hotel web content tends to be formal and not venture into topical niches and keyword exploration. And as far as aligning with Google’s emphasis on content engagement and user learning, forget it. There’s no patience. What many hotels sink into is meta tagging, and other technical SEO tactics. Unfortunately, these don’t really bring in traffic, although with powerful SEO applied, I’ve made the best use of Google My Business listings.  It’s interesting engaging content and expert SEO, creatively applied, that generates presence in Google’s rankings.

That strict adherence to old models and avoidance of risk is just one weakness your hotel can exploit. On a local level as well, many hotels won’t play the give and take that high performance SEO requires. So whether it’s local SEO or large scale Hotel SEO, there are niches and opportunities where you can beat the big brands and get exposure.

What do You Need to Win your Google Rankings?

  • clever, engaging content constructed as a whole on your website
  • high performing EPIC level content
  • high quality, sharable blogs, pdfs, videos, photos
  • interesting, engaging blog posts
  • high quality travel related stories
  • active sharing on social media networks

Amateur SEO Practice – When Best Becomes Worst

Amateur SEO’s follow so called best practices. You’d think a phrase such as “best practices” would keep your SEO in line with Google’s algorithm, but it only does so in a plain, and ineffective way. In low quality campaigns, SEO people will align their content within obvious keyword categories or content silos. This is the kind of system you might find at your local libary. And it’s like broadcasting in CAPITAL LETTERS that your content is about a specific topic.

Well, that’s like talking very loud to someone who has normal hearing. It’s off putting. With Google’s advanced algorithm, including RankBrain, Google has a more sophisticated way of choosing the best content. Google’s not blind or deaf.

First of all, Google can use semantics and search histories to clarify what the searcher wants, and it rates what your top pages say more than all those other pages cluttered into your keyword siloed content.  The fact you have all your keyword phrases in your regular pages won’t do much for you. Google’s looking at specific areas and watching clickpaths, and how long visitors view a page, and whether they think a conversion (booking) has taken place.

Good Content and Engaging Behavior

Google’s RankBrain is particularly important when searchers are looking for more than “hotel rooms.” When the search query is longer such as “luxury hotels near ocean in San Diego” Google looks deeper into your content and links. This is where specific cues I input into copy and links overpower the general word cues such as hotels in San Diego. Instead the words luxury, ocean, waterfront, sea, beaches, Mission beach, pacific beach, seaworld, pier, and other related words can give your page an edge.

Don’t worry, in the case of the very competitive keyword phrases such as hotels in San Diego, you can still compete. It’s more difficult and takes time to get all the content, inbound links, social signals and everything else in place, but you can do it. Remember that even with Google local hotel results, the ranking algorithm still applies.

Big brands are stiff and clumsy. They lack the suppleness in content or in word usage and therefore it’s easy for Google to discount them. Big brands have big weaknesses.

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