Building the Best Marketing Agency Possible

Choosing a digital marketing strategist to power up your strategy or to bring a freelance professional into your marketing agency can be a breath of fresh air. Not only do you receive experienced, skilled guidance and services, but also a mind that isn’t constrained by your own company’s politics and routines.  Hiring a freelance digital marketer is wise.


The Key is Still Great Content and Top Google Rankings

numberoneAlthough SEO and content have been disparaged of late, when they’re done well they are the best new customer generators.

I will help accelerate your agency success by:

  1. devising a plan to supercharge all your digital channels and opportunities
  2. researching and creating unique, relevant and valuable content for B2B or B2C audiences
  3. expertly optimizing your content for impressive rankings and traffic from Google
  4. building exciting social campaigns and sharable content
  5. finding exciting new ideas and help you make them real and implement them
  6. inspiring your staff to find, understand and create new value for your business
  7. helping you expand your business into the US, UK or Asia
  8. making your business life more meaningful and fun by growing and bringing out all your company could be
  9. helping you establish and market your significant personalized unique value proposition

Let’s get started right away. Time lost is opportunity lost.

Call me now at 416 605 7026. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Gord is a seasoned online marketing specialist who has served clients in major centers such as Los Angeles, San Diego, London UK, Vancouver, Chicago, and Toronto.  His motto “Always Be the Best” is sure evidence you’ll have the most professional and concerted effort for your campaign.