Artificial Intelligence Creating Big Benefits for Small Business

Artificial Intelligence Creating Big Benefits for Small Business

Artificial Intelligence Helps Optimize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

If you’ve visited my blog now and again, you’ve probably been curious about all the advertisements on the blog posts. Well, these ads are part of Google’s Adsense Program and a new service which you can learn about below called ezoic.

The ad and content delivery systems use artificial intelligence to improve ad performance. But this is just a sample of what they can do.  They will power up your Content, SEO results, and customer service by testing and studying user behavior and placing content or advertising that engages and motivates customers better. And they can customize delivery of content to specific visitors and their geolocation. That means everyone gets the right content.

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One of my frustrations in working with marketing agencies is that there was no testing, and without testing, there’s no way of knowing whether your strategy is working and how it will improve in the future. Now some new apps that use artificial intelligence help to test content with users and understand (predictive analytics) and thus predict their future behavior.

Google has been doing this for some time now, and they’ve integrated AI into their search indexing system. This lets them present pages and ads on search results pages to solve customer problems before they’re even aware they might need them. It’s like mind reading and small businesses are getting access to this now.

Smartphone Assistants Will Get Better Too

People love their smartphones. Google has a brand new smartphone “Assistant” which competes with Apple’s Siri voice assistant that learns about your search behavior to give you better results. One real estate IT company offers an AI system that learns to predict who might be ready to sell their home by analyzing social media posts. And Google search can tell what kind of food you like and present ads an hour before dinner, of restaurants near you. The point here is that AI is collecting more information about visitors to help you serve them better.

Before you get overwhelmed and confused, AI is giving you a chance to optimize your website to an incredible new level. And all you need will be provide in apps such as ezoic. You might still need a content strategist and a conversion optimization expert, but they can be purchased too!

Here’s a question for you. How is consumer’s use of Siri, Google Now and other artificial intelligence apps affecting whether they find your business online? How people search online is changing.

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But back to my blog..

When visitors click on an ad, I receive some revenue from Google and I also get better feedback about which content visitors are interested in including page headings, links, photos, videos and data charts and even layout and design. The ads are performance tested by an artificial intelligence system. This system optimizes ad delivery, to discover and place ads on the page to get more clicks.

And as you’ll see below, some keyword pay per click prices are surprisingly high. Such optimization can grow traffic and convert them better.  In the next few months the system will allow me to create/modify content, layout, and size of ads, and type of advertisements optimally to maximize revenue. These are things I could not do alone.

Google Adsense’ AI system chooses which ads to show you based on your search history and the content on this page. This helps advertisers like you get exposure to customers when they’re most interested. And it gives publishers the chance to carry ads that get the highest keyword clickthrough prices.

AI is present in a lot of things you do online, such as when you book a room via Airbnb. Their AI component helps homeowners get better prices for their rooms.  Although you won’t implement AI directly, you’ll certainly be using services and apps that do the work for you. And for small business, this is a huge leap in competitiveness against corporations.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is a lack of business intelligence, research, and funds. AI app providers make it as simple as plug n play

Current and Future Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Small Business

  • improved prediction of customer intent and interests
  • better content experience for visitors and higher conversion rates
  • better performance of your website and Facebook content
  • better performance for your content marketing
  • better anticipation of customer questions and issues
  • better response to smartphone users who are driving or walking
  • can integrate geo-location to tailor content and ads to specific cites and countries

The AI system is actually just a computer program that tests thousands of variables — a process which is too complex or tedious for people to do. So it’s a breakthrough for discovering customer needs to give some small and medium sized businesses unfair advantages to beat competitors, and achieve first mover market domination.

We’ll see more companies offering apps to help us optimize content, user engagement, UX design, conversion funnels, and revenue results. It’s good for your business. If you’re a blogger, you’ll be especially happy:), Some are reporting large improvements in revenue.

According to AI is growing. From customer service chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is taking over business and industry. So it’s hardly a surprise to see it deployed in website content and advertising.

Cumulative worldwide spending on artificial intelligence (AI) will reach $40.6 billion by 2024 —

With AI intervening to raise clickthrough rates, improve visitor engagement, predict behaviors and interest, and  push up search engine rankings, blog owners can improve traffic, time on site, purchases, sign ups, branding, revenue and other key metrics.

Making money via publishing is big business and the race to use AI to improve ad revenue is on. Now bloggers might be amply rewarded for their highest quality content and not have to be concerned about volume as much. And businesses will improve the quality of leads they receive from their ads, and even their web content.

And let’s not forget that the right advertising on your site can improve site enjoyment. So the issue is how do we find the exact advertisements that suit our blog perfectly? AI can do that, but Google will not.

Google Uses AI a Lot – But That’s Their Secret

Google uses AI extensively now within their RankBrain algorithm. It actively watches and assesses user engagement from the search results all the way past when the visitor leaves a site. Google can tell which content visitors want next because they can watch the click path millions of users take every day. But they’re not going help us understand. We will have to find other ways to optimize our content and marketing.

That’s why you need complete thorough content that matches the visitor’s information quest perfectly. If the visitor leaves your site, it means they found the link they were looking for or your site didn’t fulfill their quest.

When sites have lots of high quality content that keeps visitors engaged and animated and a conversion type action is created, it can raise how much advertisers will pay when ads are clicked on. This is covered in Google’s Adsense Smart Pricing algorithm.

Good Content is What They Came For

Generally however, it’s high quality content that creates visitors and thus clickthroughs on advertisements. Most blog owners and publishers don’t continually test their content to maximize clickthroughs or conversion actions. They just write, publish it and forget it, which is a big mistake.

It’s important to change your content, test it, and continually improve its performance whether for engagement, rankings, leads, sales or advertisement clickthroughs.

Trouble is, knowing what content and ads animates visitors and gets them to click those banners is tough. We have to change headings, pictures, place or remove videos, change the layout, make 2 separate versions for mobile vs desktop users, change the size of the ad itself and much more.

Google’s Adsense uses an indexing algorithm to determine which ads to show and how much we get paid per click. Believe me, it can be frustrating to figure why it varies and why don’t always get $8 per click. Sometimes it’s just pennies.

Pricing and types of ads depends on the specific content and user interaction and their engagement with the content. Good content designed to stimulate visitor action tends to get visitors activated and animated. But the goal with many advertising sites, is to get visitors to click ads. The goal is to move visitors to the advertiser’s websites. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The goal of business is to create a customer.  So right here on this blog I create customers for IT companies, real estate agents, investment companies, ecommerce sites, and more. Advertisers can see my site via the Google Adwords interface where they bid on advertising space, and if they feel my traffic is high quality, they can ensure their ads show up here.

Enter Ezoic

Ezoic is an innovative firm in the UK which automates the performance testing of ads. They are a certified Google Adsense Partner. By optimizing the presentation of ads on your site, they can potentially double or triple your revenue. Of course, it is not “automagic.”  They need a good volume of testing to find the best sequence of ads and sizing and placement.

Ezoic can host your pages on the cloud and optimize sitespeed. Their ability to optimize the user experience including delivering better advertisements is very important.

I’m using the Ezoic testing service and hoping to do even more work with them regarding content testing. Content is what people arrive to experience so better results will come from knowing which content actually animates users and which deflates them. Definitely check out Ezoic’s groundbreaking array of services including layout testing and Google AMP conversion. I’ll be using all of these on my blogs.

When you combine ad testing with content testing, you’ve got a powerful revenue optimization system. Which I hope turns out spectacularly!

Revenue Opportunity!

If you’re a blogger, take a look at these keyword CPC prices below provided by WebpageFX. But remember that it’s very competitive on the publishing front these days.  It’s not easy to maintain Google rankings or traffic, nor optimize the visitors engagement level. On the bright side, new ad networks are available that can help provide better ad inventory.

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