Powerful SEO and Content Solutions!

Delivering exceptional results for Real Estate Agents, Hotels, Publishers, Branding Consultants, Digital Marketing Agencies, Tech companies, major Sports Brands, and a variety of ecommerce companies. How? Great content, ingenuity, mastery of search engine algorithms, and content strategy to reach and convince qualified customers. I’ve authored a groundbreaking book on SEO and I can apply that same insight into all aspects of digital marketing because today everything is algorithmic. Algorithms = digital business.

A Simple Equation:  More Leads = More Clients + Greater Earnings 

canadausExperience in your Industry: As a Digital Marketing Strategist / SEO Specialist / Content Strategist, I’ve helped major brands in Hotels, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Mortgage and Refinance, Sports Equipment, Apparel, IT, Tech, Consumer Packaging, Medical services and equipment, Saas apps, Landscaping, Window & Doors, Food Services, Building Supply, Casinos, Entertainment and more.

If you’ve brought digital marketing in-house and results are waning, this might be the time to consider hiring an experienced digital marketer. Most SMB owners and agency directors are unaware of how effective SEO, social media and the right content are. Brands can also gain significant exposure using these 3 powerful assets.

SEO is Still The Cornerstone of Digital Marketing

Scan the analytics reports of any business, what stands out is FREE organic visitors from Google and how well these searchers convert to customers.  Yes, traffic from other sources is okay, but why my hotel SEO clients, sports ecommerce clients and tech clients succeeded was by using a high quality SEO strategy.

With 18 years of experience as an SEO specialist using creative content generation, versatile digital marketing skills and a mind for optimizing every aspect of your venture, I’m money in the bank for you.  We’ll create excellent copy/content and improve it endlessly (Kaizen). No set it and forget it − that’s not good marketing.

7 Key Strengths for you to Leverage:

  1. ability to listen to and see your vision and add valuable insight
  2. ability to analyze your UVP and help make it irresistible online
  3. ability to draw huge traffic to your Website from Google
  4. ability to develop informative, convincing copywriting
  5. ability to generate lots of links to your site to power your rankings
  6. testing and improvement of your content strategy
  7. intensive social media outreach and engagement

Complete, Powerful Lead Generating IDX Websites

Powerful solutions for real estate agents include a Google optimized MLS IDX website possessing all the features you expect such as brand development, lead management, attractive optimized listings, mind-boggling expert SEO, high quality content, mobile local visibility, online lead generators, and social media listening as a predictive analytics lead generator.

You may have gotten it wrong with your last provider, yet the truth is, that a great MLS IDX website is a great asset when combined with ingenious content, can power up big traffic. You can pay for lead generation or you can be sensible and create real estate leads yourself with an amazing new website and social media program.

IDX Websites

Custom IDX Websites – Low Cost Upfront – Exceptional Performance


Grow Your Traffic and Revenue

Accomplishments: I’ve helped a major hotel jump from 1.2 Million visits per year to 2.5 Million visits per year. If it’s 2 to 5 dollars of new revenue average per visitor x 5 years, my client benefited in the millions. And then there’s the long term value of those new customers.

My clientele has been truly international: London UK, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Houston, Boston, TorontoVancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

Please call me at 416 605 7026 so we can discuss growing your business.


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