a Sustainable, Improving Presence on Google


You’re a busy Realtor who needs quick results — and we can achieve them easily via mass ad channels.

Yet advertising offers no lasting equity. Ads are a fast, half-hearted approach to only temporary success.

The free organic route on the other hand, is a full-bodied, engaged connection to prospects and clients. This is where you make a genuine and lasting impact via big traffic and content that engages visitors and clients emotionally. And that’s why they’ll return.


Expect and Get More


Without building a sustainable, high-visibility presence on Google or Social Media, your career is on a risky plane. Non-paid lead sources such as Google and Facebook are the future. They’re better quality, more affordable, and they’re more sustainable.

Choose Your Future. For example, eating at McDonalds vs dining at George’s overlooking the La Jolla Cove demonstrates a significant difference in experience, nutrition and results. 

Red wine, sumptious flavors, chatting with Chef Trey, and lingering in a beautiful moment like you were on the bow of an oceanliner.  Is this the bold, healthy version of success your family and friends want you to have?  You deserve a great career. 

When you’re ready to make the decision to get off the ad treadmill, I will help you grow your online leads, build your reputation as a leading Realtor, build a solid, ongoing flow of prospects, and help you keep your clients loyal. You won’t get that from lead generators.

And the old community referal sources? They’re disappearing. Everything is going digital and the top digital realtors are grabbing up everything.


Is this a hobby for you? Or are you creating a genuine, high performing presence?

Let’s build on your intent to be a Winning Agent by developing the online assets you need.  Take a good look these online real estate marketing services. They’re thorough and designed for success-minded agents.


Focus on the Big Picture


7 Essential Elements of a Big Picture sales and marketing success:

  • a mobile friendly Website with an excellent RETS IDX listings capability
  • a fully developed SEO powered blog with lots of good, relevant, and reputation building content
  • a Realtor Facebook page that gathers friends and keeps you top of mind for years ahead
  • Dominant Google ranking presence for thousands of keyword phrases
  • Dominant Google rankings for the best real estate related keyword phrases
  • a high quality Realtor CRM that maximizes timely contact with your network and gives you actionable analytics reports
  • an Adwords/Facebook ad campaign with high converting landing pages


I’m Gord, and I love Real Estate Marketing.  I’m looking forward to becoming your business success partner.  Call me if you have 100% commitment to becoming one of the top 5 Realtors in your market.

That’s realistic, yet it takes sustained effort, expertise, and ongoing confidence. You’ll go as high as you want to and as you’re committed to go. And you’ll learn a lot in this process whereas ad campaigns don’t create learning experiences.


“But it’s so competitive!  You’d need a lot of gall to think you could be one of the top dogs”


Call it gall, optimism, courage, confidence, or calm awareness, it’s whatever you need to build success. Real estate is the most promising industry today offering so many rewards. The lifestyle, income, freedom, autonomy, and potential to help others is unparalleled.  So why would a smart Realtor take the low road to mediocrity?

You’re a Real Estate Pro so I won’t preach much more to you. You know how leads can grow like weeds in any direction. It’s the same online and you need to be in this space, building a natural organic presence with a value proposition buyers and sellers love. The future won’t take care of itself. You are the architect of your success.

Who will want to work with you on a sustained basis?  Who will be interested in seeing you become a big success? Gord Collins.

If you’d still like to work with a lead generator or cheap web marketing company, then that’s sad. Contact me in 3 years to let me know how it’s going.


“It’s in Your Moments of Decision that Your Life Course is Determined” — Tony Robbins

Let’s Get Started on a New, Powerful, and Sustainable Marketing Strategy now: 416 998 6246