Supercharge Your Lead Development

Whether you’re a home owner or a professional realtor, your goal is to get the best price for the property you’re selling. A simple matter with a lot of moving parts. Bring your all important digital marketing tactics and assets under one strategic umbrella, then watch as they supercharge each other to create big sales numbers.

The left side of my UVP equation might mystify you, however the right side will bring complete clarity:

assets + creativity + strategy + system = powerful reach, impact, response, and sales numbers

If you peruse my realtor services packages, you’ll see a huge array of special visibility and lead generation tactics using assets that will reach a lot of buyers (or sellers). This creative leveraging of assets and using each to grow the other is what many marketing providers can’t get right. We’ll do this better.

Don’t go through the motions anymore. You need epic quality content, indelible impact, and stellar reach into the real estate market before you can convert prospects to clients. For the homeowner, the selling price and time to sell are critical factors. Hire me and reach more prospects and sell faster for more.

Reach + Lead Quality + Improved Engagement Means a Big Change in Your Results


gord2Gord Collins: Talent for the Right Results. Experience in your Industry: As a Digital Marketing Strategist / SEO Specialist / Content Strategist, I’ve helped major brands in Hotels, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Mortgage and Refinance, Sports Equipment, Apparel, IT, Tech, Consumer Packaging, Insurance Companies, Medical services and equipment, Saas apps, Landscaping, Window & Doors, Food Services, Building Supply, Casinos, Entertainment and more. A breadth of experience that creates more lasting solutions.

Simple Solution: Powerful Website, Ranking and Traffic Building Content, Convincing Copywriting, and Value Delivery via Digital Channels

Complete, Powerful Lead Generating IDX Websites

Powerful solutions for real estate agents include a Google optimized MLS IDX website possessing all the features you expect such as brand development, lead management, attractive optimized listings, mind-boggling expert SEO, high quality content, mobile local visibility, online lead generators, and social media listening as a predictive analytics lead generator.

You may have gotten it wrong with your last provider, yet the truth is, that an optimized MLS IDX website is a great asset when combined with ingenious content, can power up big traffic. You can pay for lead generation or you can be sensible and create real estate leads yourself with an amazing new website and social media program.

IDX Websites

Custom IDX Websites – Low Cost Upfront – Exceptional Performance


Grow Your Traffic and Revenue

Accomplishments: I’ve helped a major hotel jump from 1.2 Million visits per year to 2.5 Million visits per year. If it’s 2 to 5 dollars of new revenue average per visitor x 5 years, my client benefited in the millions. And then there’s the long term value of those new customers.

My clientele has been truly international: London UK, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Houston, Boston, TorontoVancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

Please call me at 416 998 6246 so we can discuss growing your business.


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